We put beauty in the palm of your hands... and on your nails.

At Burton Spa, everything we do is about making your world as healthy and beautiful as it can possibly be.

Just for you, we have a fabulous line of pampering products, starting with Burton's Crystal Files, Burton Spa's original and patented nail files from Europe. Made of the finest Bohemian Crystal, Burton's Crystal Files are everything you need in a nail file.

  • prevent chipping and splitting
  • with loving and proper care, will last you a lifetime
  • are two sided
  • out-perform cheaper knock-offs
  • are strong but gentle
  • are better for your health
  • are kinder to the planet
  • are the paragon of nail care hygiene
  • come in a rainbow of colours, one to match any mood you're in

And now Burton's Crystal Files come in sets - made for Diva's just like you! Check out our Diva spa sets, travel sets, gift sets, and a la carte selection of Burton's Crystal Files and complimentary products. Burton's Crystal Files are the best nail files available today! They are suitable for use on very short nails, fragile and damaged nails, as well as for use by diabetics, cancer patients, and people living with other health conditions.

Burton Spa. Because Burton is best.

Please be aware of low quality imitations!


Crystal Files & Gifts, Inc.
Toll free ordering line (phone)
USA and Canada:
1 888 642-0770
E-mail: info@crystalfiles.com  
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